Philadelphia Phillies v. NY Mets, Citi Field 9/6/17

I’ve been to 21 parks now this summer, and this is my first rain delay! But, here is the awesome part about that…

I’m hanging out with some of the NY Temple alumni! This stadium is so awesome, it probably has something to do with me always loving the Mets–since Darryl Strawberry is my fav player ever!

The park was empty at the beginning and it’s even more empty now! But it sure is beautiful! Parking was a challenge, as was the commute, but the facility is 🔥💥🔥

The bathrooms are clean, food options plentiful, a free and awesome HOF with the championship trophies on display! And here is something super exciting…Fox29 News reporter, Bill Rohrer, started a story on me in Philly and came all the way to NY to see me in action.

More content coming tomorrow! 😘😘😘

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