Chicago White Sox v. Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park in Detroit, MI 9/14/17

That’s right, I’m in Detroit, MI at Comerica Park to see my hometown White Sox take on the Tigers in a game that doesn’t really mean much to anyone at this point since neither teams are competing for a playoff spot.

I’m excited because this is my first time watching my White Sox and I believe now the only teams I have not seen are Pittsburgh and the Yankees.

The park, on the outside, is pretty sick. I love all the Tigers stuff and on the inside there is some cool stuff but overall I’m pretty underwhelmed. If I can get to see the championship trophies that might change!

I’m really hungry, but there is nothing I want to eat here. There is very little energy amongst the fans, which probably goes back to nobody competing for anything this season. There is nothing wrong with the park, per se, but it is just not on the same level as many I’ve seen so far.

It feels really old here too, but not in a good way like Wrigley or Kauffman. I mean facility wise, it’s above Oakland, but atmosphere is nowhere near. I wonder what it was like when they were competing for trophies?

But…my $12 ticket was right behind home plate, so that is something of value! I even got down to the first row behind home plate, which was cool for an inning. Merchandise wise (totally meant to do that) there is nothing I want. I’m done spending $50 on tank tops unless I really want them. I will go back to eBay and find another vintage gem instead.

More to come…here’s some pics for now!

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