#26 Milwaukee Brewers v. Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park in Pitt!

Confession: I just made it inside the park yet–but only because it is so damn beautiful outside the park.  I wanted to rent a kayak, and would have if I didn’t miss the cutoff time.

I even got here early but was greeted by all these beautiful dogs–in Pirates gear–Because it’s doggy day at PNC Park & OMG-I am so happy right now!!!
Also, I love the bumble bee look and already saw like five shirts I want. They have some good gear for sale! Especially a Clemente jersey! I think tonight I’m buying my first jersey.

Also, meet my friend Sam, who I ran into at a rest area Starbucks. Now flash back to June 6th, when this journey began–and Sam was my first follower and new friend of this crazy adventure you’ve been following me on. 

She was walking out to smoke a cigarette on her break at like 3am and I had just left my place. When she realized I needed coffee she turned around and I said–“Were you going to smoke?” She told me yea, and I said “then let’s smoke a cig together, then I’ll get my coffee..” 

That was the beginning of our friendship and my journey. She was literally the first person I spoke to after leaving my apartment in Philly, so seeing her today and sharing my story with her was so damn awesome!

 I can’t wait to connect when I’m back in Philly for more than a minute! So, I want to stress that beyond baseball–this summer has been amazing because of all the awesome people and friendships I’ve made while completely evolving as a human being.

Also, I have a major man crush on ❤️😍😋Ryan Braun❤️😍😏Just saying….it’s between him and Bryce Harper for hottest MLB player in the league. That is subject to change though.

That’s all for now, look for pics and the review at a later time! Lots of pics coming on my Instagram soon! WhatWhatAndy on IG

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