Hey there! My name is Andy Sturt, and I am a graduate student at Temple University in the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management (STHM). I am currently studying to get my MS in Sport Business with an emphasis on marketing.

This summer, I had planned to be involved in a bunch of local sports leagues to keep myself busy and make some new friends in Philly. However, I am not the most athletic guy, and I tore my quad in the third week of my recreational softball league. This put me in quite the pickle because I did not want to spend my summer laying in bed and eating Philly cheesesteaks.

Throughout the first year of my coursework here at Temple, a recurring theme in my classwork was fan experience and fan value. So the wheels started to turn…How could I get the hell out of Philly, while doing something that would benefit my future and count towards my degree?

What if…I went city to city on an epic road trip visiting a bunch of different MLB stadiums to analyze and compare my experiences at each? Besides, what baseball fan has not dreamed of spending their summer touring the country watching baseball in a bunch of different stadiums?

I began to plan, and just a few days ago, my project got approved. This blog is going to share my journey, through baseball and beyond. There will be something here for everyone.

For those that love to travel, get ready to travel with me throughout the country. Foodies will get to read about my dining experiences, from the obscure places in the middle of nowhere to famous institutions across the nation. Baseball lovers will get to share my detailed, thought provoking, and personal experiences at some of the greatest ballparks in the country.

New friends will be made and I will reunite with some I haven’t seen in 20 years. I am going to visit places I have never seen, and return to some of my old stomping grounds. Get ready to share some candid and intimate moments as we laugh, cry, smile, triumph and fail on this journey together.

On the “Andy Said What” page you will find my blog entries. “MLB fan experience” will feature my official stadium reviews–which are currently backlogged and will be caught up on after the season concludes!

Instagram and Twitter will share videos and pictures of all things from baseball, food, scenery and more! Follow me @WhatWhatAndy

To read an abridged version of the accepted research proposal please click here!

If you think what I am doing is cool, please share!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you, and let’s play ball!


Also, do not assume that because I have a great or an unpleasant experience somewhere that you will do the same. I encourage you to check all these places out for your self and form your own judgments!


9 thoughts on “What’s this all about?

  1. Welcome home Andy! Think we were just beside you at a light, if I’d known I would have waved! Had to look you up but now I know!hope to see you again, next time I’ll wave… be safe and have fun!

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  2. Hi Andy,
    You do not know me but I have been enjoying reading your trip this past summer. We did meet and had a pleasant conversation about your trip at a rest area in Kansa. You were traveling from St. Louis to Colorado. A buddy and myself were on a motorcycle road trip from Florida to Colorado. I came across your card you gave me and thought I check you website out. I am glad to see you have completed your trip and research. Being from St.Louis originally, We had our required friendly banter about the teams. Wishing you well on continuing your education.


    1. Of course I remember you, you had a relative that worked for the KC Royals? Thanks for contacting me and checking out my stuff. Look for me next year because I plan to do the same thing all over again!


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