#27 Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers in Milwaukee, WI 9/23/17 part 1

I’m at the Miller Park with my dad, the guy who taught me baseball and shared his passion and enthusiasm for the game with me. 

The Brewers and Cubs are in a heavy race for the playoffs right now, and with Chicago just an hour away from Milwaukee, the home crowd doesn’t really exist.

It’s like a football game here and nothing I have seen all summer. The outside of the park was the biggest party of any park I’ve been at. 

Because I’m with my pops, I’ve decided to spend more time with him than wander around the ballpark. So this is part 1 because tomorrow I’m coming back with my sister!

This stadium is beautiful, I really like it here. It’s so hot outside that I kinda wish they closed the dome. I gotta look at the food & the merchandise still, and I’m wondering if their is some old memorabilia too. Some of that will have to wait till tomorrow, because right now, I’m enjoying ⚾️ with playoff implications 

Here’s some pics….

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