Detroit Tigers v. Toronto Blue Jays, Rogers Centre-Toronto 9/9/17

Howdy friends! I drove all night and all day on no sleep, but I’m here, in Toronto for ballpark 22 on my cross country road trip to every MLB stadium!

That’s right, I’ve only got 8 to go, and each one has its own specific charm! Toronto is special for a few reasons off the bat (pun intended 😂). First and foremost–this is my 1st sporting event ever in Canada! 

Besides that, the park is pretty sweet! Getting to it in traffic & finding reasonable parking were a pain, but the experience inside definitely compensates for those issues.

I really had to pee when I got here, and the restrooms were sparkling clean!  There is such a great fan energy in the park, it’s infectious. Food options are on point, in fact, I’m overwhelmed and super indecisive about what to indulge on. 

Here’s something pretty awesome about this park, and I haven’t seen this at any other stadium–you can bring in a hot dog from one of the outside food vendors! More awesome? the ushers don’t hassle you when you move around throughout the park.

I haven’t seen any merchandise I want yet, and even after the dollar conversion–it is all really expensive. But, I’m sure something will eventually catch my eye. 

DYK-this is the 8th oldest park in the majors! It’s crazy to think that since this park was built in 1989, 22 new parks have been built. In my humble opinion, this park is pretty sick. In fact, it’s just outside my top 5 favs.

Here’s something I learned–I never knew that the Blue Jays have so much red stuff in their collection.  More to come!

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