TB Rays v. Seattle Mariners Tampa 8/18/17

I’m here at Tropicana Field in Tampa to see my friends, the Seattle Mariners play the Rays!

This stadium is like a graveyard, I’ve seen more people at a little league game! The so-called “party deck” is even empty!

But, I still kinda like it here because of that. Don’t get it twisted though, this place is a complete dump compared to every other stadium I’ve been to this summer. Yes, it is much newer than Oakland Stadium… But at least the Oakland stadium had some character because of the history and its fans.

I haven’t even talked to anyone yet because there is nobody to talk to! I’m about to eat something because there are no lines & the food is cheap as hell. If I drank beer, this would be the stadium to do it–only $9! Okay food isn’t that cheap, I just spent $18 for all you can drink soda and a foot long dog!

But again, I still like it here because I love baseball and there is a lot less hoopla here then everywhere else.
I’ll be back in a Philly next week and will be on a rampage posting reviews so stay tuned!

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