Atlanta Braves v. Cincinnati Reds 8/20/17 Atlanta, SunTrust Park

Stop #17 of my grad research ballpark adventure is here in Atlanta at SunTrust Park.

When I had only planned on seeing half the parks this summer, Atlanta was one of the ones I just had to see. I needed to see the newest MLB park because I was so curious what crazy & awesome things they put in this new park.
First impressions are often everything, and my first thoughts on this place are that is awesome! They literally have anything & everything you might want. The kids have their own concession & they even have a climbing wall and zip line.

The HOF kinda blows, next to no game-used stuff and they have such a rich history. I was told that when they built this park, and the ballpark village around it, they were using STL as a model. They should’ve used that HOF too because it was incredible.

I got to go find some merch and food to buy, TTYL!

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