Florida Marlins v. SF Giants, Miami, FL 8/15/17

It’s me, Andy & I’m here in Miami for game #15!

It’s hot as balls outside, and I am just soaking in the AC of the dome for the moment!

Other than that, I don’t have much for you besides this:
The stadium is the most empty I’ve seen a ballpark this soon before a game. Maybe the people are in the bar/club?

Game used merch here is pretty reasonable considering the rest of Miami is pretty expensive…Only $2500 for a game used Giancarlo Stanton jersey and $5-800 for a Dee Gordon one.

What’s really exciting is that I will actually be seated for the first pitch, which is totally a first this summer. I even watched the national anthem be performed!

Follow my IG & make sure to check out my school’s IG @templeSTHM to see more updates!but that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far!

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