Toronto Blue Jays v. Baltimore Orioles, Camden Yards 9/3/17

When I planned this trip, there were a few parks I had been dying to see my whole life.

First on the list was Kauffman Field in KC-which I loved!

Now, I’m at Camden Yards and so far it’s amazing. Marking the 2/3 mark of the stadiums, this is #20 and I can’t think of a better place for such a monumental mark!

There is so much orange everywhere. Clean bathrooms, a clearance store of merch all under $20, an awesome free hat that they still had 20 mins before the game, it smells like fish–but in a good way, there’s a nice smoking area, and the energy is pretty good too!
I even got to bring in a cold $2 water! Oh, parking was cheap too-$10!!!

I’ll have more for you later. 

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