Home Sweet Home

So much has happened since my last post. Obviously, I have made it to Colorado. It feels great to be home. Philly is cool, but it does not feel like home. Chicago is where I was born and raised and where my family is, but again, it does not feel like home. The moment I pulled over the Kansas state line into Colorado—I literally began crying. I couldn’t even see any mountains yet, but I knew that I was home. Just sitting here writing about it makes me emotional. I may not have been born in Colorado, but I certainly feel like a native. I moved here in 2006, before weed was recreational and everyone and their mothers started to come here. I fell in love with the state on a visit and moved here shortly after. I left to get my graduate degree at Temple and there are so many things I miss about it. I miss my friends and family, the weather, its scenery, my medicinal marijuana card and especially its general aura.

Because I lived here so long, I have so many things to do in such a short amount of time. I am here until Monday, and during that time, I have more people to see than I can possibly make time for. I am bound to upset someone and it sucks. In addition, there are so many places I want to go and things I want to see—I am constantly overwhelmed. I am staying at my Auntie Gail’s where there is no internet, which makes adding site content difficult. I got here late Monday night, after getting a $195 speeding ticket in Kansas.

I spent most of Tuesday with Gail because she was leaving town Wednesday morning. We had two nice meals together. First, we ate at Racine’s in Denver, which was my first job when I moved here. For dinner we went to JAX Fish House in Golden. I got my usual French Dip at Racine’s and it was delicious. At JAX we split a crispy red snapper dish and a tempura battered sea bass which was the evening special. Both were good, but the sea bass was amazing. Like, OMG GOOD! Then we went to Bonnie Brae ice cream where I had some butter pecan ice cream with pecans on top. She loves this place, but I think Liks is much better. I still had some munchies after, and was reminded of Voodoo Donuts—which are to die for! So I dropped off Gail and picked up some donuts before passing out for the evening. Pictures of the fish and the donuts, including the cock donut (a Voodoo specialty), are on my IG and/or Twitter.

In between meals, during the day, I met with a web designer/developer who helped me work out some website kinks. More importantly, he helped me understand how to do stuff I had been stressing on. I also drove around and took photos of my old apartments, which I will post soon on IG or on here. I still have one more picture to take before I can do this. The following day, I stopped into my old job at Papa John’s in Green Mountain (Lakewood). I opened that store in 2011, and went through something like 23 managers and probably 1000 different co-workers. The one constant was my sister, Tim. Tim hated me at first, but he grew to love me. On my last day we were both pretty emotional. His girlfriend at the time told me how sad he was that I was leaving, but excited for me and my future. We both broke up with our ex’s after I moved after 5+ years each and having him to talk through was really nice during that whole ordeal. Anyways…

He has no idea, but this morning, FOR ONE DAY ONLY…I will be delivering pizza again at Papa John’s. We opened together every Friday for five years, and it will be like old times. I swore on my last day there that I would never deliver pizza again, but I am so damn excited. I am super excited to make a pizza too because I make a damn good pie. Watch him read this, and spoil the surprise…

In addition to stopping in at PJ’s, I went to Best Buy and bought a voice recorder. There are so many things I think to post about, but forget because I am driving. Speaking of which, it is so difficult to be on all the social media platforms while also creating new content for my blog all while traveling. For lunch, I went to my friend Dianne’s place on Colfax, Chicago Style Beef and Dogs. She saw me pull up and ran out to give me a big hug and call me an asshole for not stopping by over Christmas. Dianne is always fun, if you are in Denver stop by and tell her I sent you. She’ll most definitely have something wonderful to say.

On this journey there are all these things to do in different places, it makes sitting down and writing very challenging.  Also, I have to respond to a ton of emails while still making travel plans. I could definitely use an assistant but that is most certainly not in the budget. Last night, I saw a friend of mine from high school who just moved to Evergreen with her family. It was great to see her because we go back such a long time and her new house is so cute. Her dream for a long time has been to be in Colorado and it is nice to see that happening for her. So what the hell is coming up you ask?

On Saturday, I am going to the Rockies game with my mentor, Dr. Sarah Fields. I can’t wait to see her and spend time with her because she is amazing. She taught sport at OSU when several of my professors were getting their PhD’s. She is now the Associate Dean for Student Success in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences & Associate Professor in Communication at University of Colorado Denver. I would never have gone into a sport program without her guidance. Originally I wanted to go to law school, which she was also mentoring me on. Because, in addition to her PhD’s she has a JD. So yea, she is pretty smart and pretty awesome.

I had no idea when I made my travel plans that I would be here during Denver’s Pride weekend. In years past, I have marched in the parade as a part of Congressman Jared Polis’ office and I have also bartended for charity. I am super excited because I reached out to one of my friends that I bartended with and on Sunday I will be back at it! Besides it being a good time and for charity, it will be an excellent way of promoting my blog! So, after the parade, if you are at Pride in Denver come visit me at the liquor tent by the stage from 11:30AM on. You won’t be able to miss me because I had some custom shirts made and I will be wearing a tank top with my site address and social media handles on it. After that, I have to pick up Gail before getting ready to leave on Monday morning. Somewhere in between all of this, I MUST see my two best girlfriends Kari & Stevie. We have tentative plans for Sat. morning breakfast and to meet for the parade.

Now maybe you can better understand how busy I am! Yesterday, I stopped by and saw an old friend and kind of relative who specializes in marketing and social media. She is really excited about what I am doing and should be able to help boost the awareness—which would be amazing. Also, when I stopped by my former intern site at Congressman Jared Polis’ office, one of the current interns was very enthusiastic about becoming involved. So, lets see what happens. Also, my friend hooked me up with someone interested in doing a story on me. Hopefully this will be the first of many! Lots of exciting things are happening and it is often difficult to wrap my head around it all! One day at a time…

So what is next you ask? From here, I am headed to Yellowstone National Park for one or two nights where I hope to skydive and/or go on a hot-air balloon. Then on my way to Seattle to see Pike Place and the Mariners. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to stay in Yellowstone or Seattle? Following Seattle, I ‘m going to Portland, which I have been dying to see for years now. Then I go down the coast of California before hitting Arizona and Texas. Want to join me on part of the drive? Email me!

Tonight or tomorrow morning the Cards v Phillies at Busch stadium review will be coming up…I will be betraying my hometown Cubbies because…SPOILER…I loved the Cards stadium and environment…Make sure to stay tuned and check it out!

Some Pics…


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