First MLB stadium review is up, and I am headed home to beautiful Colorado! 

My first post for my grad research is up! Please check it out and offer feedback! It’s on the MLB fan experience tab of my page!

I definitely still have some kinks I need to work out on WordPress and I am hoping I can find someone in Denver to help me with this.

Speaking of Denver, I am on my way! I leave Lawrence, Kansas momentarily. I cannot wait to be back home, I ❤️ Denver!

I spent the night in Lawrence, on the KU campus. My sister went to KU for a year, and my memories of the town were much better than my current thoughts. I mean it’s okay here, but I could not imagine living here.

I stayed at the Virginia Inn for $60. Honestly, I enjoyed it more than my Hyatt stay in STL because it was cheap and easy. I parked in front of my room and the bed was surprisingly comfortable!

I want to get on the road, so stay tuned! Please check out my MLB post. If anyone knows how to get rid of the bottom widget saying Cubs v. Rockies…please email and explain!

Best, Andy

#colorado #kansas #cubs #chicago #baseball #roadtrip #summer

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