Meet me in St Louie, Louie, meet me at the fair…

So today was the first game. I found it easier to navigate Wrigley than I believe any other stadium will be. I already have so many fond memories of Wrigley from growing up in Chicago–I pretty much know my way around there. A lot of money was spent on stadium upgrades, which honestly, I found mostly bleh. Tomorrow night I am going to recount it all in detail, once I’ve settled in at my hotel in St. Louis.

Speaking of that, I’m pretty stoked because I Pricelined a place and got the Hyatt at the Arch for only $80. Of course they don’t mention the $30 I will spend on parking, but whatever.

It is going to be so nice to finally be alone. Between my dogs, my sister’s puppy, and my parents’ dogs–there are 6 furry friends at my parents’ house. I love them all, but it is overwhelming. Add in familial annoyances, and it is nearly impossible to think here.

My mom told me I have been extremely  obnoxious while here. I’m sure she is right, but she understands how mentally exhausted I am. Something like this project should take months of planning, but for me it all started a month ago. I literally had no idea 6 weeks ago that this was going to be my summer.

There are so many things I am nervous about, especially road stop killers (thank you to my friend Lily). I am also insanely excited about seeing the country and all the MLB games/stadiums. The mixing of these two emotions basically makes me feel bipolar sometimes. Most of all, I am antsy as hell to get started and on the road…

So, let’s get this party started!

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