Today’s journey…abridged version…

Finally made it to my parents in Wilmette, IL. Here is a break down of my travel for the day. I only smoked 9 cigarettes, which is about 1/4 of my usual intake on this journey. This just happened, it was not something I was consciously doing.

This is the first time in like 13 years that I drove to my parents house and did not ever listen to the song “Unwell” by Matchbox 20. Probably because I feel really good. This is going to be an amazing summer…

Tonight I plan on making a *tentative* but more defined travel plan and I will post the research proposal (minus grading specs). I am also going to mess with WordPress because I might have figured out what has been driving me crazy.

Keep bearing with me…

PS-if there is a stadium or city you have always wanted to see that I am going to this summer–let me know! Maybe we can make it work! Part of what makes this summer amazing is the #endlesspossibilities

#baseball #temple #cherryon #chicago #cubs #sox #philly #phillies #epicsummer #roadtrip #mlb #andy

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