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I noticed that a bunch of people are looking here to see what is next on the agenda. Right now it is really simple; clean my floors, pack my bags, bathe, load the dogs in the car and take off.

From Philly, I am driving straight through to Chicago. I hope to get everything done in the next 90 minutes so that I can attempt to avoid Pittsburgh’s and Cleveland’s morning traffic. I am going to stay at my parents until Saturday or Sunday.

My parents are amazing and I love seeing them and this would not be possible if they were not willing to take the dogs. Besides spending time with them, I will see some friends. I’m really excited to see my friend Lale, because we had lost contact and I have not seen her in the past 8 years.

On Friday, I am going to see the Cubs v. Rockies and blog about it. My two favorite teams at Wrigley Field. I haven’t been there since…the World Series. I love Wrigley and I love my Cubbies and Colorado is my favorite place ever. I spent 10 years in Denver and cannot wait to move back.

Speaking of Denver, I go there next, stopping in either Kansas City or St. Louis depending on the scheduling. Milwaukee and the White Sox might happen too, but to be honest there is no set plan for this voyage. So, keep reading…

Once I get on the road, this will be updated more frequently but it will probably be short posts. I might even make it a part of my blog posts and delete this section altogether. Whats Next?

***Please bear with me, I know this is a duplicate post to the “what’s next” tab. I am working on figuring it out. Thanks everyone

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