Boston Red Sox v. Cleveland Indians, 8/23/17 at Progressive Field 

My final stop before heading home to Philly for a few days!

Don’t fear, I’m not done with my travels…just taking a few days to recoup, have some meetings and write and post a bunch of new reviews!

This is going to be really short and sweet because I’m watching the game…so here is the 60 second rundown…the bathrooms are nasty, food options are pretty solid, the museum–although small- has a Babe Ruth/Bob Feller bat which is cool as hell, the fan base is passionate as hell, it’s really hard to sneak down to a better seat…or into a worse seat for that matter…they ran out of bobble heads way early and I’m super excited to see the Red Sox for the first time this summer!

But not nearly as excited as I am to be back in Philly! I’m driving home straight from the game, can’t wait to be back on campus albeit brief!

Stay tuned!

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