Making New Friends Everywhere I go…

I’m at the Grand Canyon, and it is awesome! I’m very behind on my baseball park postings but only because I am enjoying so many so the wonderful places in America!

I was scared to do some rock climbing, but I made some awesome new friends that walked me through it. They literally held my hand at points 😂😂😂 Thanks Ashlee and Kylee!

Then, this other crazy bitch comes up in a dress and flip-flops (my twin).

Tomorrow, I am doing a helicopter ride!

Besides my awesome travels, I am meeting so many amazing people…

I know I say it constantly, but I will have the baseball stuff coming soon…I even wrote a couple that just need editing!

I picked up another stranger in San Diego and he drained so much of my energy…but I’m back to Andy!

The best way to follow me and keep up to date is through my Instagram, I post there daily!

One thought on “Making New Friends Everywhere I go…

  1. Hi Andy! Great to see the fun pic I took of you all sprawled out on the Grand Canyon sign 🙂 It was nice to meet you.Good luck on your adventures!

    Annie Jansen 🙂
    Leesburg, VA


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