The Happiest Place on Earth

For some people, a baseball field is their happiest place on earth.

Whether that be watching a game under the bright lights of Fenway or running around on a grass diamond with some buddies.

Baseball is synonymous with America. In fact, we have all heard it referred to as “America’s pastime.”

This summer I embarked on a cross-country road trip to explore fan experience of America’s pastime at the most famous ballparks in the nation.

Just as synonymous with America as baseball, is Disneyland. In fact, the Los Angeles Angels were even at one time owned by Disney. Disney also owns ESPN, and we all know what that’s about.

When you research and learn about fan experience in sports, you continuously come back to Disney as a textbook case of exemplary consumer experience!

So, why not? I’m already here in Anaheim for last night’s Angel game…

That said, I’ve started writing some awesome stuff so stay tuned…it’s coming, I promise!

Oh yea, and I made a friend from Temple on the walk in! This is Eric!

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