Here’s what’s coming up!

I’m almost to Lake Tahoe, stuck in the worst traffic of all the 5672 miles I’ve driven so far. So I’m posting as I drive down the mountain!

I came to Tahoe because my friend Angie is here. Angie’s life is very similar to mine this summer. A true hippy,  Angie is constantly traveling and living life to the fullest. We met in ceramics at Red Rocks Community College about 5 years ago, and probably haven’t seen each other in 3 years.

When she saw what I’ve been up to she told me where she was and I added it to my itinerary! This trip has turned into so much more than just researching fan experience.

With that in mind, tonight I will be staying at a hostel for the first time in my life. I’m excited for the new experience, but this is so far from my comfort zone.

Anyways, lots of new content coming. I’m finishing up the Rockies review and then writing about some America stuff since it is the holiday weekend. Following that will be my Mariners and Oakland A’s reviews. Stay tuned!

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