Where have I been? What have I been up to? FIND OUT HERE!

Gosh, so much amazing stuff has happened since my last in-depth post. This past week has undoubtedly been the best week of my life. It started with my radio interview with KOA radio in Colorado. I was really excited to share my research with the city I consider home, and the responses were incredible. Before my interview, I was nervous as hell, but overall I think it went great. Following the interview, I went for a quick breakfast with my Auntie Gail at one of my old favorite spots in Denver, The Waffle Brothers. I used to buy waffles from these guys at the local farmer’s market, long before they owned any of their several restaurants. The waffles were as tasty as I remembered and it is was nice to see how successful this local business has become. When we were done eating breakfast, I dropped Gail off and I was on my way to the most stunning place I have ever seen!

Next on my itinerary: Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of those places that as a child growing up in the USA, you learn about all the time. But learning about it is nothing compared to seeing it. On my way there, I wanted to stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere. This way I could get some writing done. I settled on the Ferris Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Rawlins, Wyoming. Having never before stayed at a B&B—this was an ideal first experience. First of all, the mansion was stunning and impeccably clean. It is a complete gem, hidden in the middle of nowhere. The owners are also amazing. Maryanne is as perky and delightful as they come, and I enjoyed talking with her husband at length about my research and sports in general. It was there I got my post on Busch Field and the St. Louis Cardinals completed before enjoying a tasty homemade breakfast and continuing on my way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The drive to Jackson Hole was daunting. Although the scenery is gorgeous, the extended periods of time with nothing around and the drive on one lane highways is excruciating. Despite this, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could see myself living there—in the middle of nowhere—if only there were some of my chosen career paths available. I got to Jackson Hole pretty late in the evening because of my detour at an Indian casino (where I left with $200 more than I arrived). After checking into my hotel, The Inn at Jackson Hole, I was hungry, super hungry. Disappointingly, my only dining option was the very expensive Four Seasons where I enjoyed a $25 turkey club sandwich before heading back to my expensive hotel which was definitely not worth its price tag. In hindsight, I should have saved the $240 hotel fee and slept somewhere in my car. The following morning my voyage to Yellowstone continued onward.

Before arriving there, I drove through the Grand Teton National Park. I remember calling my parents to tell them how this was the most gorgeous place I had ever seen, and it was stunning. But that was before I had seen Yellowstone. When I finally pulled into the park, in the early afternoon, I was greeted by a moose and some buffalo. Although Grand Teton was amazing, I would have blown through there if I had known how much more amazing Yellowstone is! I have never been a nature aficionado, but Yellowstone literally blew my mind!

I could write on and on about my experience at Yellowstone and how amazing it is, but I doubt that is what you want to read about. So, I will break it down in a quick paragraph. Beyond the wildlife and the scenery, Yellowstone National Park is the most beautiful and serene place I have ever been. No matter how many pictures you have seen and what you have been told about it—words cannot do the park justice. The most famous part of the park, Old Faithful, is something that words cannot explain. However, it is the other parts of the park that are even more amazing. If you like waterfalls, there are so many stunning ones to choose from. The geysers throughout the park are each as unique and special as the next. I saw a bear, a moose, some buffalo and an elk. Leaving Yellowstone was so difficult, because it is just that amazing. I had planned on spending just one day there but I had to go back the following morning because one day was simply not enough.

I stayed the night in Bozeman, MT at a Days Inn which was super expensive and definitely not worth its price tag. However, I made a friend with whom I spent the following day in Yellowstone and that was pretty cool. Since he is a local, he was able to guide me through the park and I was happy to have the company after so much time alone in my car. He showed me some parts of the park that I hadn’t yet seen but I still want to see more! I am debating heading back there this week because I have some time to kill before the SF Giants are in town and I have been told I must see that stadium. In fact, if I was 10-15 years younger, I would be packing my stuff right now and planning a move to Yellowstone!

We got to the park around 6AM and I dropped him off around 1PM before heading to Cour D’Alene, Idaho for the evening. I stayed overnight in Idaho at a Rodeway Inn which was dirty and definitely not up to my three star expectations. Priceline really did me wrong on my hotel visits in Idaho and Montana, but elsewhere along the trip they have been solid.

After leaving Idaho the following morning, I headed to Seattle, which has become my new favorite place in the country. Although Denver is home, the further I go west, the more I really I feel like I belong. I felt that way in Wyoming, then Montana, and now especially in Washington. I cannot explain to you why I feel this way, but I will try in my next post.

Also, I will tell you all about Seattle. This place has made me blush like a school girl when a cute boy walks by. I have never loved anywhere the way I do here. Also, after some feedback from readers, I will be writing shorter posts from now on. Not only will this make it an easier read for you, but it will also be much less daunting for me. Further, I will be trying a new format on my upcoming ballpark posts! Be on the lookout for my Coors and Safeco reviews!

Also, I added pictures to the Busch review so please check them out when you have a chance. Until we talk again…

There are more pics coming, I just have to get on the road!

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