Next ballpark review is coming soon!

First off a big THANK YOU to KOA850 in Colorado for having me on their morning show today!

I planned on posting my review last night for Busch Stadium, in STL, but I was not feeling very good so it has been delayed.

I will be working on it tonight, regardless of where I am, so that soon there will be some awesome new content for everyone. I hope to post it very soon.

I had a wonderful time in Colorado catching up with friends and family and seeing the Rockies at Coors. In all my time living in Denver, the Rox were perennial losers–so it is refreshing to see them kicking some tail!

While in Denver, I got to deliver pizza (see pic below) for one day at my old job which put me through undergrad. It was great to see my friends there and it took my mind off some of the stress this trip has been putting me through. I also got to see some doggies, because I miss mine so much. The headline pic is me and Saskue, my best friend’s dog that I remember as a baby. I also bartended at Denver Pride for charity, but, I did not feel very well so I did not stay too long. OMG some of the dressed up dogs were adorable! Again, see below!

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I am super excited to begin the next leg of my journey, even though I have been dreading this part of the drive because it is the longest of the trip. That is why I am going to check out Yellowstone and Grand Teton to make it more pleasurable!

My whole life I have wanted to see Seattle, so I cannot wait to finally be there. Then I check out Oregon which I have heard is like Denver was 10 years ago. I ❤️ Denver, but I loved it a lot more before people started moving here by the truckload!

I cannot wait to share my whole summer with everyone, and thank you for tuning in! Also, please reach out if I am going to be passing through your town. It gets lonely driving the country solo!

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