First game tomorrow!

I got an awesome seat that my mom bought me for $50! Can’t wait to start my research at Wrigley, one of my fav places in the world! On Saturday, I leave for STL, where I see a game on Sunday! 

Then I drive to Lawrence, KS where I will stay overnight before heading to my second home, Denver! I chose Lawrence over Topeka because I live on the Temple campus and have grown accustomed to that environment. Additionally, there are always some cuties on college campuses…

Ron of Japan, and everything I ate at my parents made me sick last night. But the lobster and filet were amazing regardless. I woke up at 3am and again at 5am to puke. That was basically the extent of my day. I did put the branding on my car, and will share a picture tomorrow in the daylight.

I was supposed to go to the gay bars in #boyztown with my friend Lale who I haven’t seen in 8 years. But she works all week, and I am still not feeling so hot…so instead we are getting some grub and will do that when I get back to Chicago! I am so excited to see her, I cannot wait to give her an 8 year hug! I brought the painting pictured to give her. My friend Stevie found it in a dumpster in Denver, and her girlfriend gave it to me because she hated it.

Stevie is still pissed about this, but I always loved it because it looked like me and Lale in high school. So, now it will be with Lale after being with me for the past 8 years! The circle of life! Stay posted, and please share my story!

#baseball #TempleUniversity #STHM #MLB #GoCubsGo #Philadelphia #StLouis #Colorado #Rockies #Chicago #roadtrip #epicsummer #Andy

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